Obstacle Warrior Kids has classes available for kids of all ages!

Obstacle Warrior Kids classes are designed to guide kids and teens into functional athletes who can conquer fears and not only set, but accomplish goals. Through proper stretching, obstacles training, physical fitness, and games we see our students progress into confident Ninja Warriors. Though strength is a big factor in one’s success on obstacles, our coaches focus on teaching individual obstacle techniques and body control which are key factors in this sport.

Whether you are just looking to get started or desire to compete at the top level, we have classes for everyone. We offer a Lil’ Ninja, ages 3-5, Ninja Warrior, ages 6+, and Xtreme class, ages 9+, where students will progress through our curriculum and constantly be challenged to reach new levels. Our classes are an hour long and will focus on a different set of obstacles and skills to be acquired by our students.

Classes are a great way to for kids to get exercise while having fun and learning at the same time!

Ninja Warrior, Lil' Ninja and Xtreme classes are $20 per person.
Homeschool classes are $15 per person.